Jul 1, 2017

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Approved by Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MOEF)

Approved by Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MOEF)

Environmental Analysis

Bali Test House provides a vast array of environmental services with matrices that include air, water, solids and hazardous waste.

Environmental Analysis explains the procedures and actions that need to come about to define and observe the quality of the surroundings. Environmental Analysis is used in the planning of environmental effect tests, as well as in many conditions in which human actions carry a risk of hazardous consequences on the habitat.

Environmental Monitoring & Testing which is a statuary requirement under Environment laws and required for compliances of Environment Clearance & consent under Air/Water Act. The basic requirement for Environmental Monitoring & Testing is recognition from MoEF, GOI or State Pollution Control Board.

BTH  is recognized by NABL for carrying out Source emission monitoring (Stack Monitoring), Ambient Air Monitoring, Noise Monitoring, Waste Water Analysis, Soil & Sludge, Used Oil as well as Hazardous Waste Management.

Major Services in Environmental Monitoring & Testing:


  • Source Emission (Stack) Monitoring

  • Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

  • Noise Monitoring

  • Occupational Safety & Health Monitoring
  • Sludge & Hazardous Waste Analysis
  • Green Audit


The study of Environment enlightens the consequences of discharging the pollutant into the environment and the methods to safeguard the same. The issues related to them are attaining heights day by day which are inducing threats to survival of living things on the planet. Bali Test House Pvt.Ltd. offers an extensive scope of inspection consulting services which consist of Environmental Audit, Environmental Management Plan, Environmental Studies, Environmental Impact Assessment, Rain Water Harvesting, Management and Treatment of Waste Water, Soil and Material Testing, Groundwater Investigation and various other consultancies related to it. Spectro Labs are accredited by NABL.

BTH possess skillful and competent specialists who are qualified with M.Sc., B.Tech, M.Tech. and Doctorate degrees in their specific field to work on a particular assignment.






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